Green Team Lawn Care was founded by emergency medical professionals here in Westbrook, CT who developed a full-service health care approach to maintaining a healthy lawn. Our team of renowned lawn care specialists use metrics such as soil pH, moisture, weather conditions, and terrain to customize lawn care plans that fit each yard’s unique needs.

Lawn Life Support, one of our most innovative and comprehensive lawn health care plans, protects each landscape with year-round lawn care services, including leaf and snow removal, aeration, dethatching, mowing, and fertilization. Our full-service approach to lawn care allows you to have complete confidence in the health of your lawn without having to worry about each individual detail.

At Green Team Lawn Care, we specialize in regular lawn mowing schedules, 4-step grass fertilization, true core plug aeration, leaf removal services, and more. We have served the Connecticut shoreline for years with our top-rated professional lawn care and maintenance services.

The areas we cover include:

  • Madison, CT
  • Guilford, CT
  • Clinton, CT
  • Westbrook, CT
  • Old Saybrook, CT