1. Why Most Fail at Crabgrass Control. Homeowners and Companies Alike.

    #CrabGrassFail Crabgrass is among the most elusive of Lawn and Garden Weeds. Many home owners spend time and money spraying patches of Crabgrass with Round Up in May and June, just to see it return in days.  Other homeowners will call and complain that a Fertilizer Company sprayed their lawn 4 time…Read More

  2. Spring Detox; Why Now is the Time To Bring Your Lawn Back to Life.

    A Mild Winter Breeds a Monster Spring. Whether in Madison, Clinton, Westbrook, or Old Saybrook, it's been an interesting few years for Landscaping in CT. All Homeowners, Lawn Care Professionals, Snow Removal Companies, and Public Services have seen some of the mildest Winters ever over the last few …Read More

  3. 12 Month Organic Gardening Plan by Green Team Lawn Care

    Any long-time organic gardener knows that organic gardening is not just a summer activity! There are many chores and tasks to stay on top of a healthy, organic garden all year round. One benefit of working on it during the colder months is that it makes gardening in the warmer months less stressful …Read More

  4. Commercial Snow Removal – Plow Service For Business

    Having a business comes with many responsibilities.  Maintaining a safe and accessible environment for your patrons is not only essential for business, it carries a plethora of insurance liabilities.  While running your business is your main concern, let us keep up on Snow Removal and Ice Preventi…Read More

  5. Lawn Care Service Clinton CT Featured Yard

    Our Current lawn Care Maintenance feature is located in the heart of Clinton, on Cow Hill Road.  The road us locals use to avoid route one between Madison and the outlets, contains some Clinton’s best green landscapes in CT.  It’s always an honor to provide lawn maintenance services on a targe…Read More

  6. Lawn Care Service Maintenance Feature Madison, CT.

    We periodically like to showcase some of our favorite Lawn Care Service locations here on our blog. It’s never okay to brag, but once in a while it’s nice to take a second look at your work. Our Lawn Maintenance Services cover the Shoreline, and this week we would like to showcase a Yard Care Co…Read More

  7. Lawn Life Support Complete Year Round Yard Care Plan

    We are now introducing our Complete Lawn Care Maintenance Plan Called “Lawn Life Support“.  It’s comparable to a comprehensive healthcare plan, for your yard. With a busy work, life, and family schedule; Lawn Care is sometimes overlooked and difficult to prioritize.  We have developed a Full…Read More