Your lawn can say a lot about you — a well-kept lawn tells your friends and neighbors that you put great effort into the appearance of your home, while an unkempt lawn says… well, the exact opposite. At green Team Lawn Care, we take pride in offering the very best lawn care services in the Shoreline Connecticut area.


Lawn Triage

Our lawn evaluation system, Lawn Triage, is as comprehensive as it gets. We test soil acidity, examine compaction factors, and identify grass composition in an effort to ensure that we give you the appropriate lawn care services which meet your needs.


Turf Therapy

Turf therapy is our process of keeping your already-healthy lawn thriving. We offer scheduled mowing, weekly maintenance, and bi-weekly grass care.


Lawn Life Support

The ultimate in all-encompassing lawn care, Lawn Life Support combines all aspects of lawn care, scheduled at your convenience.


Leaf Decon

Fighting the decomposition of leaves and ultimate destruction of your lawn, our leaf removal program (Leaf Decon) helps you avoid ugly damage.


Mosquito Medic

Our premier insect control method, Mosquito Medic allows you to enjoy a beautiful summer in your yard without worrying about pesky mosquitoes.

Ready to make your lawn the best it has ever been? Call us today. We look forward to hearing from you.