“Cost to Mow My Lawn?”

In a whirlwind of politics and questionable tweets, the Bureau of Labor has just announced exponential job growth in the month of March.  Wages have increased, prices on goods have lowered or stayed level.  But in this report is surprising news that price of services have risen1.  You may wonder how this has anything to do with hiring a Company for cutting your lawn, or even the Price for Lawn Care Services in Connecticut.  The Lawn Care business is a part of the service industry; which is affected by economic factors like most other services for your home, car, or health. Company Structure, Geography, Gas Prices, and your Lawn’s unique details affect what you may be quoted for cutting your grass in CT.

Company Structure

You will find that when companies are bidding on your business, you will encounter the small and large.  If a company uses top of the line equipment, has newer trucks, and has professional uniforms, it is likely the have higher rates than the smaller guys to cover these upgrades.  The advantage to considering paying a little more for the larger companies is reliability and quality.  The smaller companies often get overextended quickly and can often leave accounts like yours disregarded.  Also, sub-par equipment can sometimes cause problems with uneven cutting, rutting, and burning of your grass.


We use geography as a blanket term here for location and terrain factors.  If you live in a higher income area for instance, the market for Lawn Care Services may demand higher prices for the same services in a different neighborhood.  Also, turf size and terrain details such as hills, rocks, and obstructions add to a job’s difficulty level.  These factors can affect pricing depending on the company providing your quote.

Gas Prices

As much as this may be a given, it is often grossly overlooked when considering the cost of business for Lawn Care,  Lawn equipment is very fuel dependent, and sacrifices fuel efficiency for performance.  Just as important is the increased gas usage from trucks demanding extra power for towing equipment trailers and hauling items in the bed.

Sooo… How Can I Estimate the Cost for Mowing my Lawn?

Thankfully to our friends at Thumbtack , you no longer have to bear my rhetoric any longer.  Using an average of similar size jobs, you can see what type of bids are being sent to customers like you, in your area.  Just click here, or click the Thumbtack logo to the right.

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