Green Team Lawn Care is now introducing a complete lawn care maintenance plan called “Lawn Life Support,” which equates to a comprehensive health care plan for your yard. Our lawn care specialists understand that it can be difficult to find the time and energy to address each component of a healthy lawn individually, so we designed a full-service lawn care plan to save you time, money, and worry.

Priced at just a few dollars more per month than normal grass mowing costs, our 12-month plan is the best when it comes to comprehensive lawn care. Don’t worry, Lawn Life Support also includes snow removal services when you are contributing to your lawn’s health during the cold months.


Our top-rated lawn care specialists cut your grass to a healthy height at regular intervals, depending on the season. During the summer, grass will be kept short to allow for optimal water absorption and will be cut less frequently in order to avoid stress. During the cooler spring and fall months in Westbrook, grass will be kept longer and will be mowed more frequently.

Trimming & Pruning

As part of Green Team Lawn Care’s grass cutting plan, we trim your lawn’s edges after every mowing and edge your sidewalks and beds monthly. Small bushes, shrubs, and trees will be kept at healthy lengths with regular trimming.

Fertilization & Weed Control

At Green Team Lawn Care, we follow a 4-step fertilizer program at two to three-month intervals. We use fertilizer with crabgrass control in early spring, weed and feed fertilizer in late spring, lawn food in the summer, and “WinterGuard” fertilizer in the fall. Our lawn care specialists use Roundup’s selective weed control fertilizer to treat problem areas in your yard, and regularly hand-weed your garden and shrub beds to perfection.

Oerseeding & Aeration

In the spring and fall, we keep your turf replenished with regular application of new seed, which results in a thicker, denser lawn and helps to choke out weeds. Aeration pulls plugs up from the turf, allowing the soil to maintain natural air pockets and make way for optimal root growth and drainage.

Spring & Fall Clean-Ups

Most of us have experienced a build-up of leaves and sticks in our yards during the cooler months. Our lawn care experts regularly check up on your lawn to remove leaves and sticks, and if there is no area to blow leaves into, will remove and dispose of them off-site. Clean-ups may also include a light dethatching to expose turf from off-season build up.

Snow Removal

Our residential snow removal services include light snow removal from driveways, with up to six inches per service.

Amazingly Low Cost Plans

Starting at just $147 per month for 12 months, Green Team Lawn Care’s top-rated lawn care services can transform your lawn into a healthy green oasis.  If your lawn normally costs $30 per week, which adds up to $120 a month, just add 20 percent to cover labor and supplies, and your monthly cost is just $147! Contact your Westbrook lawn health care professionals today, or click the “Request Quote” button below to see how Green Team can help you.