Lawn Health Evaluation

Get your Westbrook lawn the green it deserves with a health care evaluation and prescription. At Green Team Lawn Care, our extensive lawn health care evaluation starts from the ground up. We begin by testing your soil for acidity and compaction factors. With this information, we can then recommend the right soil amendment, fertilization, aeration, and watering plans that cater to your lawn’s special needs. As part of the evaluation, we will identify your lawn’s grass composition, recommend the right mowing length, and develop a schedule to help maintain proper drainage, sunlight exposure, and weed control. Best of all, our lawn health care evaluation is completely free! No co-pay or insurance card required.

pH Test

pH is one of the most important blood tests performed on humans to determine healthy conditions in our blood.  A healthy lawn’s soil thrives at a pH of 6.5. An overly acidic or alkaline lawn creates an incredibly difficult environment for desirable grass roots to grow in, and does the exact opposite for invasive weeds and crabgrass. In about ten minutes, we can provide an on-site measurement of your soil’s pH level and recommend any amendments, such as lime, if required.

Light Determination

We have a method of determining whether or not key parts of your lawn are getting the right amount of sunlight. If there is too much light, the grass will become stressed and will be much more likely to have dry soil than the rest of your lawn. Areas of low light do not receive the nutrients required for photosynthesis, and most will need to be aided with fertilizers and increased watering.

Hydration Test

With environmental and global warming concerns growing among many conscious homeowners, regular watering of lawns is less common than it was in the past. Because of this, many lawns have trouble remaining green and competing with weeds for essential nutrients. Our lawn care specialists identify areas of low and high moisture so that you can adjust watering to minimize waste. Upon our visit, we will also discuss the use of weather tracking and water requirements so you can use Mother Nature’s natural sprinkler more effectively.

Grass Typing

As with blood types, there are many unique kinds of seeds used to build lawns. Determining your grass type and matching it with the proper mowing plan is a commonly overlooked lawn care practice. Here in Connecticut, most turfs are a blend of Fescue, Rye, and Bluegrass, and each grass type thrives in different conditions and grows at different rates.  Knowing your lawn’s unique grass makeup allows you to determine whether weekly or bi-weekly mowing is best, and what grass length is healthiest for your lawn.


After several tests and a brief discussion, your lawn evaluation results will be provided for you on an organized “Lawn Bill of Health.”  From this, we can begin to discuss how you wish to proceed with one of our lawn health care plans. Click the button below to schedule your free Lawn Triage with Westbrook’s best full-service lawn care business today.