A Mild Winter Breeds a Monster Spring.

Whether in Madison, Clinton, Westbrook, or Old Saybrook, it’s been an interesting few years for Landscaping in CT. All Homeowners, Lawn Care Professionals, Snow Removal Companies, and Public Services have seen some of the mildest Winters ever over the last few years.  Whether you believe in global warming, or a natural fluctuation model: we have no doubt seen some high temperatures when we would usually see the most snow.

Don’t Be Fooled.

While it may be tempting to think that a mild winter means less Lawn Care during Spring, This could be nothing further from the truth.  The most abundant element to lawn health left over from Spring are leafs and thatch.  Leaves held on extra long this year, and many were left behind because of early unexpected December Snowfall.  Thatch is a build up matted dead grasses and other material that deprives your soil of needed moisture and light.  Removing this material early ensures desired growth outpaces early germinating weeds, such as Crabgrass. Thatch is also extra prevalent this as a result of extended leaf presence.

Apply Pre-Emergent Early; Save Time, Money, and Stress Later.

Crabgrass Control early is the cornerstone of effective  Lawn Care and Maintenance. In Connecticut we have among the most trouble controlling these and other early emerging Weeds in Grass and Garden Beds.  Another troubling aspect of a mild winter is that some Crabgrass may have never completely died, in this case an application of targeted Round Up Weed Management can give you the head start required to get back on track.  While Fertilization is essential to grass growth and soil amendment, it is important to include a weed control product to your Lawn Care Schedule.

Control Soil Compaction and Drainage Problems With Core Aeration

Lawn Aeration is the absolute most overlooked, but yet important facet of a healthy turf. Soil compacts over time, usually by way of foot traffic and repeated mowing.  Compacted soil does not allow moisture into soil, suffocates roots of desirable plants, and allows weeds to flourish.  When water doesn’t enter the soil as it should, it sits on the top layer of turf causing Lawn damaging fungus to breed uncontrolled.  Adding Core Plug Aeration to your Lawn Care plan will produce dramatic effects with minimal effort.

Our Spring Detox is a Full Service Spring Clean Up Service

It’s time to contact our Lawn Care Experts at Green Team Lawn Care of Westbrook, CT. We can assess your lawn for our complete Spring Clean Up Plan and get your Lawn in shape for Spring nice and early. Our Spring Detox System includes, Leaf Removal, Dethatching, Aeration, Round Up Targeted Weed Service, Spring Fertilizer with Pre-Emergent Amendment, and your first Grass Cutting Service is on us as well.  A SPring Clean Up Price Quote is as simple as calling us at (86) 222-7171 or click the Quote Request button below.

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